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Liberty Tax Service / Danny's Drumming Studio, 946 Harden Street / 944 Harden Street (moved)   no comments

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I wrote about Liberty Tax Service in this location about five years ago. I believe that by that time Danny's Drumming Studio in the adjacent storefront, had already moved to Leesburg Road though I did not do a post on them for some reason.

Since then, both addresses in this Harden Street building have been gutted, with the interposing walls knocked out and the roof removed. According to this State article from January 2015, the building had already been condemned so the developers had to move fast to do something about it and hope to have something in the spot by Christmas 2015.

Written by ted on June 1st, 2015

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Gulf Station / Auto Sound Lab, 700 Harden Street: January 1984   20 comments

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Commenter Rick sent this picture of his former business some months ago but I was holding onto it until I could dig up some current-ish pictures of the spot for comparison. I actually did take some, but as so often is the case, I can't lay hands on them right now. The ones I did find are from 2011.

Though I must have driven, or been driven, by this spot hundreds of times through the years, I can honestly say I have no recollection whatsoever of this building. I also have no recollection of Harper's being built despite always thinking of it as a "new" place.

Commenter Rick has recently mentioned that X Records was also located on this corner and also knocked down to build Harper's.

(Hat tip to commenter Rick)

UPDATE 1 June 2015: Changed Gas Station in the post title to Gulf Station based on the comments.

Written by ted on May 28th, 2015

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R. H. Lee & Co. Auctioneers, 2305 Two Notch Road: early 2000s   2 comments

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LoopNet says this building is mostly one huge open space, which makes sense for an auction hall. R. H. Lee lists here as late as the February 1997 phonebook, but were gone by the February 2005 phonebook, so I'm guessing early 2000s for the closing date. I'm not sure what happened to the front of the building -- whether it's just boarded up, or someone has stripped the exterior for some reason.

Written by ted on May 16th, 2015

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We Buy Gold, 7132 Parklane Road Suite G: 2015   10 comments

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This We Buy Gold replaced G. G's Artistry In Flowers in 2009 and is now a cellphone store.

When I think of a Cricket phone, I can't help but remember those little chirps the Star Trek Communicators used to make when Kirk or Spock would flip one open. Amazing that a lot of our everyday technology is now better than what The Federation had. Still waiting for the Transporter though..

Written by ted on May 8th, 2015

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Bob Andrews Motors, 6167 Saint Andrews Road: 2014   2 comments

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I've mentioned the Harden Street and Two Notch locations of Bob Andrews Motors, but I was really unaware that they had this Irmo location on Saint Andrews Road at Seven Oaks Shopping Center.

As is almost mandatory nowdays, the place has become a Title Loan outfit.

(Hat tip to commenter Homer)

Written by ted on May 1st, 2015

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Greyhound Station, 2015 Gervais Street: April 2015 (moved)   7 comments

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The Greyhound Station on Gervais Street moved earlier this month, and now the buildings on the lot (which included the Chapman Dodge building) have been razed. Unlike the old art deco station downtown on Sumter Street, this one was nothing special, and I'm not sorry to see it gone.

I had a chat with the project manager for the site, and he said the whole block that the station sat on will become apartments.

The new station is at 710 Buckner Road, which is the I-20 frontage road between Monticello Road & US-321.

Read the rest of this entry »

Written by ted on April 23rd, 2015

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Building, Harden Street: Spring 2015 (gutted)   4 comments

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Can anyone identify who was in this building on Harden Street in between the Waffle House and El Burrito?

I thought I had some pictures of it before it was gutted, but I can't locate them right now.

UPDATE 2 June 2015 -- Some better pictures:



Written by ted on April 21st, 2015

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Bob Andrews Motors, 5601 Two Notch Road: Early 2015   4 comments

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Well, I was unhappy to notice this real estate sign. As I mentioned when they moved, my parents always felt that Bob Andrews dealt with them more fairly and competently than the dealer, and that's usually where we took our cars while I was growing up. Still, a 90+ year run is pretty good by any standard.

Written by ted on April 18th, 2015

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Bouknight Furniture Restoring, 1801 Taylor Street / 1600 Barnwell Street: Early 2000s   10 comments

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I've noticed this vacant building at the corner of Taylor & Barnwell Streets a few times over the last year or so. I have gaps in the phonebooks I have here at home, so about all I can say for sure is that Bouknight Furniture Restoring was listed in the February 1997 phonebook, but was gone by the time of the February 2005 book. Given that, I'm calling the date as "Early 2000s".

Just as an aside, it always surprises me that real estate signs don't usually include a URL and property number that would let you bring a property's listing up in a straight-forward manner. In fact, I couldn't find this building at all on the realtor's site.

UPDATE 25 March: Commenter badger mentions that this building is 1801 Taylor Street as well as 1600 Barnwell Street, so I have added that address. This is kind of odd, but seems to be true..

Written by ted on March 25th, 2015

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Cruise & Travel VIP / Vista Tanning, 506 Gervais Street: 2014 (moved)   1 comment

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As I was driving out to West Columbia the other week, I happened to glance left while I was a the Huger stoplight and noticed a real estate sign in the window of one of the storefronts in the little strip there.

At the time, I couldn't quite make it out and it wasn't until I uploaded the pix from my camera that I coudl see it was a Travel and Tanning center. That's not a combination that I've ever thought of before, but I can see it might make sense to get ready and look good on your vacation..

Behind the real estate sign is a note that they have moved, but I can't quite make out where to.

Written by ted on March 23rd, 2015

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