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Bouknight Furniture Restoring, 1801 Taylor Street / 1600 Barnwell Street: Early 2000s   10 comments

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I've noticed this vacant building at the corner of Taylor & Barnwell Streets a few times over the last year or so. I have gaps in the phonebooks I have here at home, so about all I can say for sure is that Bouknight Furniture Restoring was listed in the February 1997 phonebook, but was gone by the time of the February 2005 book. Given that, I'm calling the date as "Early 2000s".

Just as an aside, it always surprises me that real estate signs don't usually include a URL and property number that would let you bring a property's listing up in a straight-forward manner. In fact, I couldn't find this building at all on the realtor's site.

UPDATE 25 March: Commenter badger mentions that this building is 1801 Taylor Street as well as 1600 Barnwell Street, so I have added that address. This is kind of odd, but seems to be true..

Written by ted on March 25th, 2015

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Cruise & Travel VIP / Vista Tanning, 506 Gervais Street: 2014 (moved)   no comments

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As I was driving out to West Columbia the other week, I happened to glance left while I was a the Huger stoplight and noticed a real estate sign in the window of one of the storefronts in the little strip there.

At the time, I couldn't quite make it out and it wasn't until I uploaded the pix from my camera that I coudl see it was a Travel and Tanning center. That's not a combination that I've ever thought of before, but I can see it might make sense to get ready and look good on your vacation..

Behind the real estate sign is a note that they have moved, but I can't quite make out where to.

Written by ted on March 23rd, 2015

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Anytime Fitness, 111 Sparkleberry Crossing: mid 2014   no comments

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This Sparkleberry Crossing gym is listed in the 2014 phonebook, but not the 2015 one, so it must have closed before listings closed. I'm guessing mid-year. One online review notes that it was nice because there were no crowds. That can be a double-edged sword unfortunately.

Written by ted on March 19th, 2015

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J & R Press And Fold Service, 3400 Two Notch Road: 1990s(?)   3 comments

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With its drive-through awning and clearly visible bricked over curb-window, this building, currently an urban alternative health store, clearly looks like a dry-cleaner. I have no memory of it, but Google suggests it was J & R Press And Fold Service most recently. However, it would not surprise me to find that it was a number of different cleaners going back, possibly, into the 60s.

Written by ted on March 7th, 2015

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Tag It Art, 4517 Forest Drive: 9 January 2015   1 comment

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Kids' art studio, Tag It Art closed on 9 January 2015. You can see the classy farewell message here.

Forest Village is the little two-strip plaza that I still think of as the home of The Happy Bookseller though The Happy Cafe now occupies that spot.

(Hat tip to my sister)

Written by ted on March 4th, 2015

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Bank Of America Drive-Through, 2095 Beltline Boulevard: Late February 2015   12 comments

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I noticed the other week something going on at the Richland Mall Bank Of America, with a dumpster pulled up to the drive-through. This week it is apparent that the drive-through has been closed. I guess it was a bit awkward having an unconnected outbuilding for the tellers, and perhaps even a security issue. At any rate, I believe the Trenholm Plaza branch is now the next closest drive-through.

Written by ted on March 3rd, 2015

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Jeff Hunt Machinery Company / The Crane Company / Columbia Cigar and Candy Company, 522 Lady Street: 1997   no comments

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These pictures are from 30 November 2014, so the site has probably changed a good bit by now, but that was when I noticed these nice old brick buildings on Lady Street adjacent to Trustus were being gutted for renovation.

Here is what the City has to say about the project:

February 2014
Case # 6

522 Lady Street

Scott Lambert, architect/agent



W. Gervais Historic Commercial District/City Center

NATURE OF REQUEST: Request Certificate of Design Approval for exterior
changes and preliminary certification for the Bailey Bill


Very typical of the warehouse district in which it was built, this is a
simple one-story brick building used for warehouse and office purposes
over the years. It has been heavily altered during this time, with
original window openings bricked in and concrete block additions at the
front of the building on Huger Street and a later small brick addition
at the rear of the building. There are no original windows or doors
intact. Still, it is reminiscent of the architecture and original uses
of buildings in the historic district and is one of the few extant
buildings from the time period along Huger Street.

This was originally built in 1926; its original occupant was the Jeff
Hunt Machinery Company which maintained a business at this address for
30 years. The Crane Company followed for a brief period but the
Columbia Cigar and Candy Company acquired the building by 1965 and kept
its business there until 1997.

The plans are to rehabilitate the building for office use,
re-establishing some of the original openings and removing less
sensitive additions from the building. Additionally, a new entry is
proposed on the Lady Street side. As all four sides of this building
are visible from a public right of way, each elevation is discussed and
reviewed below

Here and here is a bit from the architect.

And here is a bit from the construction company.

Read the rest of this entry »

Written by ted on February 27th, 2015

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North American Service East, 2022 Marion Street: 2010s   2 comments

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This 8,590 sf warehouse space plus 1,700 sf office building behind the No Name Deli on Marion Street caught my eye a few weeks back.

If you look at the aerial view, you can see it's bigger than this street view would imply:

View Larger Map

The only hit I come up with for this address is North American Service East, which is generic enough that I have no idea what they did (or do if they moved elsewhere).

Written by ted on February 26th, 2015

Mrs. C's Laundry, 535 Saint Andrews Road: Early 2015   9 comments

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As commenter Andrew noted, Mrs. C's Laundry, next to Dutch Cleaners in the IGA plaza (which seems to have no name) has shut down.

(Hat tip to commenter Andrew)

Written by ted on February 25th, 2015

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$2.79 Dry Cleaning, 904 Knox Abbott Drive: 2 January 2015 (moved)   no comments

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This Cayce drycleaner, in what I still think of as the original location of Silver City and next to the former Artsy Fartsy gallery has moved quite a good ways, from here to the old Gooney Birds plaza on Sunset Boulevard.

Written by ted on February 23rd, 2015

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